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Momfidence! cheers on commonsense parenting and sighs at the rest. How to worry less, wing it more. A.k.a. parenting by the seat of my mid-rise mom jeans.

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I'm the author of Momfidence! An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting, and a mom of four in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (where you can't even buy Oreos at the two wholesome groceries nearest to my home).

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Name Yourself Mother of the Year

May 07, 2009

Or name a sister or a friend. In the past 12 hours, two sweet friends have sent me this fun email, which is the most viral maternal thing out there since that singing-the-nags mom. (Way more viral than the tiresome swine flu.) Happy Mother's Day, early!

Denise says...

Happy Mother's Day Paula! that is soo cool. I love and I do think you would win that award hands down.

Steph says...

Too funny. I got that a few days ago and actually thought of you. ;-) Happy Mommy's Day to all of us.

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