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Good Nutrition Habits: The Heat Is Off Mom

June 01, 2009

From the Studies I Love Department: Parents' influence on eating habits is small, says the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Their research shows that resemblance between parents' and kids' eating habits is weak.

Makes sense to me. How else do I have four such different eaters? How else to explain the chicken nugget years? The one who loves vegetables but no fruits? The bottomless appetite for bright yellow foods (goldfish crackers, Cheez Nips, mac and cheese) I can't abide?

You can influence, but you can't control. And apparently your influence may be smaller than you'd like to think.

Denise says...

Wow! What a relief!, Just needed that, wondering what my three kids who very rarely like ( and will eat) the same thing will have for dinner tonight, good ole safe bet Spagetti Bol with garlic bread should do the trick.

kara says...

this makes sense, when little its their taste buds and then its their peers!

Denise says...

It didn't work for me after all.

af says...

I heard teir tastebuds are formed in utero?

Denise says...

To a degree I think, but also what culture the children are being brought up in - think Indian children enjoy indian cusine if served up regularly but we in the western world are fed more advertising as well as my kids look at what their peers bring to school too. I know when I shop with my 3 yr old he points out (and wants ) what "xxx" takes to pre-school.
So maybe a genetic predisposition? with room to mold and individual tastes as well?

paula says...

I agree but children s often eat what they find their favorite adults eat.Of course authority, pressure tactics and guilt teaches a child nothing about food...But through fun we can teach good eating habits in kids.Learn more on http://www.habitchanger.com/

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