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Let Your Child Do the Showing and Telling

June 02, 2009

This news report about a Pennsylvania judge ruling that the Bible is inappropriate material for Show and Tell in kindergarten caught my eye for obvious reasons. But as I read the story more closely I realized one thing didn't ring true: The mom was coming into class to read Scripture as part of her son's show-and-tell about himself.

Wait a minute! I thought Show and Tell was supposed to be an opportunity for the child to get used to standing up in front of an audience, talking about himself and his interests (or the feather he found on the way to school, the souvenir from vacation, or yes, his favorite book). All religious commentary aside...If you bring your mom in to do the presentation for you, that doesn't count as Show and Tell to me!

Denise says...

Very True Paula.
Shame that the Bible/christianity is constantly being slagged all the time. Considering that the Bible is used as the most accurate historical book for archeologists it tells a lot about the anti - christian movement and how strong it is. Bet if the kid came in with another book the decision wouldn't have been so harsh?

Steph says...

Lord knows, there is enough discrimination against Christianity and the Bible in today's society without needing to "cry wolf" like this. Show and tell is definitely not an appropriate place for a mom to be reading ANYTHING.

Typical media sensationalism.

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