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Reading, Writing, and Finance 101

July 01, 2009

Someone in the Wall Street Journal today, commenting on the Bernie Madoff scandal and the financial ruin of the late celebs Michael Jackson and Ed MacMahon, wondered why they don't teach basic finances in schools? Good question. If there's room in the curriculum for recycling, ecology, anti-bullying, respect, black history (in Feb), sex ed, nutrition-label reading, et. al. -- and I'm not saying these don't belong in classrooms, only that they're non-3Rs that have become standards -- then why not personal finance? How to balance a checkbook. Compound interest and the bliss of saving. The perils of spending more than you earn.

Hmmm, maybe there's room for a few quick lessons on laundry, too.

Denise says...

I couldn't agree more - maybe a pre cursor to economics in later high school years.
Especially needed in this day and age.

Bree Cantu says...

Actually there is a class in high school that is suppose to be teaching this. It was called Success Skills when I went and it was required for all freshmen. I'm not sure what it's called now but I remember seeing something similar when signing up my teenage sister this year.

We went over keeping a schedule, staying organized, balancing a check book and watched Rudy at least 2x.

It wasn't all it could have been but it was there.

Jeff Berger says...

Hi Paula,

In Iowa, we successfully passed a finance literacy component to the Iowa Core Curriculum that now must be taught in all schools at all levels. How about that? The package also included technology, health, and civic literacy, along with employability skills. This is all on top of the basics.....

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