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Momfidence (the book)

Lose the guilt. Love your instincts.


Okay... a few things have changed since I wrote this book. Like my name. And my feelings about the subtitle. Now that a few years have gone by (and I moved to California), my nutrition mindset is more woke and less cavalier, so I wouldn't trumpet it as my headline parenting philosophy. Though I do still believe that cookies aren't lethal and kids deserve to eat them.

But my fierce belief in the other chapter titles in Momfidence? Still yup and yup:


No Experience Necessary!

Too Much Advice Spoils the Confidence

You Can Lead a Child to Carrots but You Cannot Make Him Crunch

An Ounce of Prevention, Not a Ton

Bless This Mess

Ready, Set, Stop the Mompetition!

DO Be a Spoilsport (on sports)

You Can't Judge a Mom by Her Midriff

Moms Need Time Outs More Than Kids Do

If a Birthday Falls in Suburbia and Nobody Takes a Picture, It Still Happened

Even the Best-Laid Plans Fall Down

Stop and Smell the Crayons  

Lost Socks Are Not Found Again

No Mom Is an Island (on strength in numbers)

Momfidence is available in a Kindle edition.

Linda Murray, Editor-in-Chief, Babycenter

"A breath of fresh, calming air. Spencer's experience has made her a true childrearing expert with a keen new insight: We're making the job harder than it has to be."

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